High Performance


The material
The test procedure
Science and research

The material – a patented AVIBAS membrane

The technical structure of the 5-layer material used is new and uniquely efficient. The patented AVIBAS membrane consists, among other things, of a processed silver-carbon fabric, which demonstrably inactivates over 90% of viruses within 45 seconds thanks to its unique HIGH-PERFORMANCE and also disinfects itself.

In cooperation with ZHAW researchers, the technology and the textile were systematically improved to achieve greater efficiency within minutes. In addition, a test procedure was established at the ZHAW to quantify the sterilization efficiency of such cleaning masks.

The test procedure

The test procedure together with the ZHAW - Zurich University of Applied Sciences consists of working with an extremely high level of contamination. It is tested at an extreme intensity of 107 to 109. An intensity that cannot be reached in nature under real conditions. Phage were grown and used that are many times more resistant (stubborn) than, for example, SARS viruses (Covid). According to our information, no other manufacturer tests its mask fabrics under these extremely difficult conditions for masks.

Science and research - Scientifically substantiated:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been researching the further development of these masks on the one hand and characterizing the efficiency, safety and material properties of antiviral technology on the other. To this end, we have developed a test procedure together with the ZHAW, which tests pandemic masks under high conditions.


We had to have our mask certified (EN 14683 Type IIR, certification for a medical product class 1) at a laboratory specially certified by the EU (see attached certificate including test number). Thus, our product already corresponds to a much higher standard (a class 1 medical product) than the standard according to EN 149 for FFP 2 masks (N95.KN95).

Our mask, as a medical product, of course also fulfills the most important part of the FFP 2 mask, the filter effect from the outside in (see attached manufacturer certification). While in the case of surgical masks, the focus on filtering from the inside out was specified in the standards. Of course, we have also integrated the so-called FFP 2 filter into our innovation.